Technology Transfer

In this world of high technological, the process of technology transfer has become casual in the corporate world. Technology transfer is also called by Technology Commercialization or in other words is also known by Transfer of Technology. Technology transfer is basically worked for knowledge transfer. Here the process of skill transferring, methods of manufacturing and other technologies have been used by the wider section of users with the aim of developing or turning into new high technologies, applications or processes in order to enhance the technological level of the economy.

Technology transfer process is classified into six phases including technology innovation, technology confirmation, targeting technology consumers, technology marketing, technology application, and technology evaluation. Here the first technology is being getting invented by the research personnel after that will get confirmation from the concern authority and is being then utilized by the final consumers through the means of marketing. The same invention is then coded and evaluate by the corporate world.

After the evaluation the transfer of technology will take place to get patenting and licensing as per the legal rules and acts. In this era of modern corporate world, this approach of technology transfer services has been turned out as one of the most desirable and favorable technique to face the competition. Most of the maintenance sectors and industrial operations are now showing keen interest to this approach of transfer technology.

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