NBFC Registration in India

Non Banking Financial Institutions plays a great role in the developing economies like India where the population is very high as compare to its area. Non banking financial institution gives satisfactory result at the time when the credit availability is less in the market. As there is significant growth of Non Banking Financial Companies there is need that there should be a proper regulatory mechanism So that the functioning of these institution will run in a fair and transparent manner. Reserve Bank of India made compulsory registration for all those companies whose financial assets exceeds 50% of the total assets of the company .For the registration of NBFC first an application is to be made to the RBI Some documents are also needed to be attached along with the application. If the company satisfy all the requirements laid down by the RBI then ,RBI issue NBFC certificate. We provide NBFC registration services globally as well as in India, our professionals are having a long time experience in dealing with the registration issues, and they will provide you all useful guidance related to the NBFC Registration.

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