FCRA Registration

Foreign Contribution regulation act is passed in 1976 to regulate the acceptance and utilization of foreign currency by certain persons or associations, working in the important areas of national life So that they will work according to the principles laid down in our constitution.

FCRA Registration Procedure

Those organization who are interested in FCRA registration,have to apply in Form FC8 along with this form some documents are also required to be attached like:
  1. Form FC8 is to be filled in triplicate.
  2. Statement of account with audit report of past 3 years.
  3. Past 5 years annual report.
  4. Geographical details of the state and districts proposed for work.

Some other documents are also needed along with all these above mentioned documents as per the requirements .FCRA department also seek report from the intelligence bureau. On the basis of report from the intelligence bureau the FCRA have discretion whether to accept or reject the application. If all the terms and conditions are complied with then FCRA department will issue registration number. We offer you service on FCRA registration .Our team of professional experts with their long experience can guide you in providing all useful information required by you.

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