Company Incorporation

Company came into the limelight after the huge demand and to eradicate the drawbacks of sole trade business and partnership firm. As per the New Companies Act, 2013, a company can be defined as an association of persons or group of likeminded individuals for a single purpose to make profits. Company incorporation takes several processes and one should follow each and every step as per the rules and regulations in order to form a successful company or an organization. There are numbers of companies are rapidly rising by in diverse sectors. Company incorporation procedure simply defines some rules and regulations for setting up a new company including private and public limited company. For a private limited company, minimum two shareholders are required with one lac paid up capital with maximum seven shareholders as per the New Companies Act, 2013. But, in case of a public limited company, company incorporation procedures are slightly different like minimum numbers of shareholders are three and there is no maximum limit of future members with free transferable rights.

Procedure For Incorporate a Company

Company incorporation and registration procedures are entirely legal matters therefore, one should take the help of a legal and corporate professional. Registrar of Companies (RoC) are appointed in each and every state as per the Indian Companies Act in order to verify and allow certificate of registration if all goes well as per the companies act. Before, applying for a company registration, one should decide whether it's a private limited or a public limited one. The company registration procedure should be aptly followed by new age business entrepreneurs for smooth and successful company incorporation. One should start with an application form for company registration to the Registrar of Companies of the particular state or region. The following important documents should accompany with the application form:
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