Subsidiary Company in India

Subsidiary company has played a vital role in maintain the down drag graph of unemployment. Subsidiary company means new company under the control and hold of parent company. This parent company is meant to that holds more than half of subsidiary's stock. In developing companies, these subsidiary companies have really pushed the economy at the constant rate. Like subsidiary company in India that welcomes many new researches in the phase of education, technology, science, fashion, media and many more. All these segments with subsidiary companies managed to adopt more enhancements in their level of production while serving the mass with latest curriculum. With this, there is over all development in country's economy while catering the needs of different sections of the society.

What is a Subsidiary Company

Subsidiary company is that entity whose control is under the parent company who owns more than half of subsidiary's share. This subsidiary company is separate legal entity to that of holding company but its business prospects can be integrated with that of parent company. From taxation, liabilities and other debt point of view; subsidiary company cannot expect any advantage from its parent company.

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