Company Formation

Company formation is a process and one should go as per the Companies registration act. As company is defined as the association of persons, therefore its incorporation takes many steps. Company formation services are always provided by the legal and corporate professionals, those are well qualified and trained in providing company formation and registration services. There are two kinds of companies are present in India: private limited and public limited. A private company is a company which has maximum numbers of shareholders can go up to 200 and there is no voting rights and rights of transferable of shares from one another. But in case of public limited company, the minimum numbers of shareholders are 7 and there are no limits for maximum shareholders. These days, online company formation has been growing impeccably as this medium is absolutely easy and flexible as compared than traditional medium.

New Company Formation Services in India

Always, new company formation is not an easy task for common people in these days. Company is concerned as a legal entity or an artificial person like any other legal entity. India is the next big business destination in the world for its amazing business opportunities in almost all sectors. In each and every year, there are numbers of business entrepreneurs are landing in India with a dream to kick start their own business in order to make maximum profits. Registrar of Companies (RoC) are appointed under the section 396 of the New Companies Act, 2013 to provide company registration services after checking all the important documents and credentials of an applicant. New company formation services include wide range of services like starting from application to granting certificate of registration with the help of through professionals those were working in this field for many years. These days, new company formation through online mode has been catching the imagination of many business entrepreneurs in India of late.

International Company Formation

Though all the countries have their own rules and regulations for the incorporation of the company. If a person want to open a company outside its country then he have to need knowledge regarding the laws and other technicalities to the formation of company. to help out the difficulty of such consumers in international formation of company various service providers are providing their services.

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