Business Registration in India

Business in India is growing like never before these days, as some new age business entrepreneurs are zeroing in this country to tap its huge business scale. Therefore, business name registration is quite inevitable in order sustain in a keen competitive market. Business name is the brand value of every business and every business owner try to get maximum return by using their brand value through attracting large numbers of potential customers. In India, one can start numerous business including sole trade business, partnership business and companies, both private and public limited ones. Sole trade business is the oldest form of business in India as it's often called as one man business as there is no necessary to bring a partner or go through any legal procedure in order to start any business enterprise. Then partnership business, those are regulated by the Indian Partnership Act 1932 for both unlimited and limited liability partnership firms. Indian business registration allows the registration all types of business forms as per the rules and regulations.

Business Name Registration Services

Indian is going to be the next big business destination for many business entrepreneurs across the globe. Indian Government relaxes different rules and regulations for setting up new business from diverse of sectors. All types of business including sole trade business, partnership and company are largely present in India these days. Therefore, business name registration is absolutely essential for all business organizations in order continue its operation as a legal entity as per the business act laid down by the Government. New Companies Act, 2013 has defined all rules and regulations for incorporating and registering companies across all sectors. Registrar of Companies (ROC) are the administrative and governing body , which checks and allows business registration certificates those business entrepreneurs who can qualify.

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