FCRA Registration in India

FCRA registration in India is very important to curb the various illegal dealings or malpractices which are detrimental to the interest of our country. After the passing of Foreign Contribution Regulation Act 1976 we are to some extent successful in curbing these illegal agreements and malpractices. The main purpose behind the passing of the foreign contribution regulation act is to curb the use of foreign funds and hospitality for nefarious or antinational activities. It is clearly stated in the FCRA that an organization having a definite/cultural/social/religious interest is eligible to accept foreign contribution after satisfying the two conditions. First it is to be registered with the central government and secondly the organization will receive foreign contribution only through a specified bank account. FCRA department also seek report from the intelligence bureau about the record of that particular organization .On the basis of the report if the FCRA department deems fit then it will grant FCRA registration. We as a service providers offer you service on FCRA registration in India .Our expert team of professional will provide you all useful information about the FCRA registration and related queries.

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