Foreign Contribution Regulation Act (FCRA) registration is inevitable for all those organizations those are working on grass root level to develop the society by conducting numbers of educational programs. Foreign Contribution Regulation Act is applied for society, NGO's and other organization those are working for poor people or needy people in our society. There are certain rules and procedures for FCRA registration and one should follow as per the Government rules and regulations in order to receive continuous foreign remittances from different sources. Therefore, foreign contribution regulation act is compulsory for all organizations or institutions those are committed for the common good of the society since the day one. In order to get FCRA registration certificate, an applicant must be registered under the following acts.

Foreign Contribution Regulation Act Procedure

Foreign Contribution Regulation Act (FCRA) 1976 is essential for all organizations or banks to receive or accept foreign funds from different sources. There are numbers of organizations those are working for various social programs and causes need to register under the FCRA act in order to receive funds from various persons. There are large numbers of organizations including societies, NGO's and other self help institutions those are working for the good of societies can receive foreign funds. Those institutions are organizing some educational and social programs in order to educate the common mass about the daily happenings of the world and other events can receive foreign funds under the foreign contribution regulation act. Those organizations are receiving more than ten lakhs as contribution for various events and programs need to register under the foreign contribution regulation act 1976. The FCRA policy as per the Government rules and regulations states that no political parties or candidate can receive foreign contribution, as it's meant for the social programs.

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