Private Limited Company Registration

Private limited company is one of most sought after companies in India after public limited company. Like all, private limited company registration is inevitable for as per the New Companies Act, 2013. In India, there are two kinds of companies are exist: private limited and public limited companies. In order to form a private limited company, there are minimum two shareholders are required and maximum numbers of shareholders are 200 and one lac paid up capital in order to process for company registration as per the rules and regulations. The formation of a private company takes much process and one must follow the defined steps and process as per the Indian Companies Act. Registrar of the Companies (ROC) is appointed under the Section of the 396 of the New Companies Act, 2013 after checking and verifying all the documents and all essentials.

Private Limited Company Formation Process

Private limited company registration is a process and one can apply for its registration with detain all information and documents. There are numbers of ways like online company formation is the new buzzword and it's considered as a cool way to get a company registered. When it comes to private company formation, one should need the help of some well qualified corporate professionals or legal professionals in order to make the complete registration process easier and better. A private company formation and registration process takes around 15 days after going through all procedures and legal implications. The following important documents are required for a private company registration as per the New Companies Act, 2013:
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