Society, Trust and NGO

Non-governmental Organization (NGO)'s are the non-profit making institutions incorporated under the government's rules and regulations to work for common people. There are mainly three types of charitable institutions are working in these days including Trust, Society and private non-profit making company. Therefore, NGO and Trust registration is inevitable in order to work as a legal entity as per the rules and regulations. All those charitable organizations those are working as NGO's are registered under the Section 8 of the Companies Act. These days, NGO or Trust registration has been immensely growing in India as there are large numbers of poor and needy people have been living in India. There are different kinds of Trusts or NGO's in India and all over the world with their long standing work record for helping poor people in diverse of sectors. Here, we are giving a list of few most sought after NGO's in India:

NGO Registration Process in India

India is one of the most populated countries in the world and the role of an NGO has been impeccable. NGO registration is a process and one should follow the complete rules and regulations as per the Indian Companies Act. As NGO is a legal entity and they work for general mass with non-profit motive approach since their inception. There are different registration procedures and rules and regulations are applied for Trust, Society and Company respectively. If it's a Trust, then there must be two trustees as per the registration act and one should apply with mentioning the name of the trust and its members for smooth registration procedures. A Society needs to be registered under the Section 20 of Societies Act 1860 and there are minimum seven committee members are required for its registration. It can be registered at state and district level as per one's requirements and location of NGO or Society.

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