New Company Registration in India

Company registration is the most important aspect of every business entrepreneur after its incorporation. All new companies are registered in India Under the New Companies Act, 2013 if they qualify their rules and regulations. As per the company rules, there are private companies and public companies with their respective terms and conditions. New company registration is a process and an applicant must need well versed with the company registration procedures before applying for company registration. All companies are registered under the local Registrar of the Companies by applying with all important documents and necessary information relating company registration. When it comes to new company registration, one should seek the help of corporate and legal professionals to make the entire process a very simple affair by minimizing all probable errors. For a company registration, one should apply with Memorandum of Association (MoA) and Articles of Association (AoA) and company's board of members details to the concerned Registrar of the Companies (RoC).

New Company Registration Procedure In India

India is growing at an unprecedented rate and there are thousands of new age entrepreneurs are coming to India in order to start new business. In India, one can find all kinds of companies including both private limited and public limited ones. There are separate company registration procedures are applied for private and public limited company as per the rules and regulations of the New Companies Act, 2013. For a private limited company, there must be minimum two share holders and maximum are 200 as per the companies act but in case of public limited companies the minimum shareholders are 7 and there is no limit for maximum numbers of shareholders. Company registration is a procedure and an applicant must be ready to go as per the rules and regulations laid down by the Government of India.

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