Society Registration

Non-governmental societies have been serving the weaker section of the society substantially for proper development and progress, apart from all governmental programmes and supports in every progressing country of the world. These apolitical societies are formed for certain developmental, social welfare, and other philanthropic objectives. In general, most of such societies have their at least one private source of income to fund their activities and works. Generally, these social-development societies have their certain target people to receive their developmental and enlightening services. These societies also help greatly the governmental agencies in proper, perfect, and effective implementation of diverse social development policies and campaigns of the State and Central Governments from time to time. Thus, on the whole, societies are highly significant and useful for desired development and uplift of certain fractions of the society. Hence, ours full-fledged legal firm based in India and with reputed service delivery worldwide, offer exquisite and swift services for society registrations in all across India and the whole world. In this article, we are giving information about our decent and economical services for society registration in india, in the lower section.

Society Registration Services in India

In all across India we extend expert and responsible services for society registrations, along with services for registration of all other forms of NGO such as trusts and section-8 companies. In India, all non-governmental societies are registered and regulated under the Societies Registration Act, 1860, with vital support of the Registrar of Societies in the concerned State of India. Our vastly experienced and mellow attorneys offer flawless and dedicated services during the whole society registration process. The main and significant tasks encompassed by ours exquisite society registration services in every State of India are - expert information regarding the importance, administration, management, objectives, etc., of the societies; guidance for formation of the executive committee or board of directors; drafting elegant and visionary memorandum of the association and rules & regulations (by-laws) of the association, as per the resources, objectives, and priorities of the society; preparing all legal documents necessary for society formation and management; filing application for registration of the society, together with all prescribed enclosures; and representing our client in the office of the registrar of societies. Here, it must be noted that only a minimum of seven members are necessary for forming a society within any State of India.

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