Service Tax in India

Service tax is a specific kind of tax which is imposed on the specific kind of services which are called as taxable services. Service tax cannot be levied on any services which are not notified under the head called taxable service. The basic idea behind the introduction of service tax is to reduce the intensity of taxation on manufacturing and trade without forcing he government to compromise on revenue needs Service tax is India plays an important role in the generation of revenue for the government of India. At the time of introduction of service tax in 1994 the revenue generated is 410 crores but in the year 2005 it is 14196 crores which is approximately four times the revenue generated 1994. The persistent growth in the gross domestic product along with the growth in the service sector promises new and wider avenues of taxation to the government. All the person liable to pay service tax should file and application for registration to the jurisdictional central excise office. We are providing services on service tax registration and related issues. Our professional experts are having along experience in dealing with matters under the service tax and they are academically very strong to solve all your queries. The fee charged by us is very fair and practical.

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