Business Registration

Business registration is the next step after the incorporation of a business or company. Business is defined as the exchange of goods and services to make profits with an association of likeminded individuals. There are numbers of business organizations these days in India but business registration services have been growing in order to meet its huge demand. Business registration is necessary for all kinds of business enterprises including sole trade business, partnership business and company (both private and public limited). Sole trade business is the most traditional form of business as it's often called one man business because the owner is whole and sole of this type of business. But, partnership business is slightly different, as this is a business between two partners. All partnership business needs to be registered under the Partnership Act 1932 in India in order to survive as a legal entity. Companies are the association of persons and all companies are registered under New Companies Act, 2013.

New Business Name Registration Services

New business name registration services are immensely growing these days, as there are new age business entrepreneurs are coming with new ideas and concepts. Business name registration services are like trademark registration, one should take the help of professionals in order to make this process easy and simple. In case of partnership business, one should apply for the Registrar of the Partnership with detailing all the information including name and registration offices of the partnership firms and information about the kind of business and numbers of partners for successful registration. When it comes to company registration, one should apply with documents like Memorandum of Association (MoA) and Articles of Association (AoA) and with other company incorporation details those are essential for business registration.

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