LLP Services

Extensively prominent and commonly popular are limited liability companies in countries all across the entire world. We have been providing the complete gamut of services regarding formation, governance, and maximal productivity and profitability, in most of these countries including USA, India, UK, and other European and Asian countries. In India, such types of companies are generically known as the limited liability partnership (LLP) firms, and are quite famous and hugely popular in every part of the country, in diverse fields of the commercial and professional sectors. In the section below, informed are ours services for limited liability partnership in india (llp services in india), which are also offered in other countries abroad. The most outstanding reasons for being this form of doing business so popular are that an LLC offers flexibilities like the privately governed partnership firms, and limited liability like the corporate companies, and is quite easy to form and govern. Here, it must also be noted that, an LLP is an elegant and preferable form of doing business, through combining professional or commercial expertise and experience of some of its partners, and resources and entrepreneurial support of other members of it, in the desired field.

Limited Liability Partnership Services in India

In India, LLPs are formed, governed, and regulated under the Limited Liability Partnership Act, 2008, and the LLP Rules, 2009, by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA); with necessary references and guidance taken from the Indian company act, wherever required. Ours limited liability partnership services (llp services) in India, cover everything from beginning to the end, essentially including the following services:
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