Joint Venture

Today, Joint Ventures have become the preferred way of business expansion and diversification, and making the foreign direct investment in the fast-developing countries. These joint ventures are now hugely popular in almost all fields of business and profession, in countries all around the whole world. Ours this enlightening article provides all-round information about the joint venture partnership and ours ingenious, wise, and punctilious services for joint ventures in India and other countries abroad. Here, before going on further and deeper it would be better to explain first 'what is joint venture' actually.

A Joint Venture is essentially a strategic alliance between two parties or companies active in the same or different fields, for certain exclusive purposes advantageous to both the parties, including objectives like business expansion to international markets, desired diversification of existing business, to survive and beat the business competition, and acquire more market share and consumers. This joint venture partnership involves generally two parties or partners, and is commonly made for the specified finite period of time in the future. All requisite assets and resources are shared in the specified proportions by both the parties with defined responsibilities, and all generated revenues and profits are distributed accordingly. Some of the most prominent examples of joint venture partnership are - Sony Ericsson, Dow Corning, MillerCoors, Penske Truck Leasing, etc.

Joint Venture Services in India

In India, joint ventures are one of the most popular and cherished forms of making business investment in India by domestic and international companies and investors. Today, through almost all fields are profitable for making joint ventures, the most distinguished and preferred fields in India are --- telecommunications, information technology, power, railway, infrastructure, minerals and mining, petroleum and petroleum products, iron and steel, production and manufacturing, and other fields of the commercial and industrial sectors. The policies of Indian Government regarding joint ventures and FDI in India are quite liberal and generous, and it has made prominent over 35 highly lucrative areas for such purposes, with up to a maximum of 74% foreign equity. Ours globally famous, and one of the leading law firms of India, which has been offering the full-gamut of all legal services to the commerce and corporate sectors in India and abroad, essentially provides well-rounded support for joint ventures anywhere in India.

These services for joint ventures include:

Planning and formation of joint ventures, joint venture agreement, all governmental approvals and regulatory compliances, management and governance, dividend policy, all contractual and commercial documents and agreements, taxation, insurance, IPR, labor and employment law, maritime and admiralty law, laws of international business, ADR, disputes and litigation, and all other necessary supportive and legal services.

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